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Golf Style in Japan

Golf style in Japan is little different from its which you are accostomed to. The great game is the same, but the procedure is little different・・・ very unique, very civilized and very enjoyable.

On arrival at the golf course, you check in at the reception desk. You will be given a locker key and score card in a small wallet. Your locker key will be way you will be identified by the golf course and your purchases in the proshop, refreshment stands, restaurant and etc will be charged on your locker key number.

Reception Desk Locker Key Locker

After you have changed your shoes, you report to the caddy master room outside to meet your caddy. Normally there is one caddy (mostly female) for one foursome (one party). As many foreign golfers comment, Japanese caddies are unbelievably excellent and capable. She operates the golf cart, finds balls, provides course information including shot distances, putting lines on the green and counts clubs for all players all by herself.

5-seaters cart with electromagnetic induction system
operated manually or by remote controllers.

With the exception of golf courses in Sapporo (Hokkaido) and Okinawa, there is a custom to stop for full lunch after nine holes. As you go up to the restaurant, you are given a back nine starting time, which will give you about 45-50 minutes for lunch.

Many of the golf courses have kiosks for a quick break after every 4 to 5 holes. Here you can buy snacks and drinks. You sign the chits with your assigned nuber (locker key number) and all purchases will be charged to your account.

After the round is completed, most of the golfers take a hot bath, that is provided in every Japanese club house. Although this custom might be little foreign to you, it is wonderfully relaxing and will be a good memory of golf in Japan. Of course there are separate bath facilities for both men and women. We highly recommend you to take the bath, and followings are the procedures when you try it.

  1. Take off all your clothes, and put them in a small basket on shelves.
  2. Go into the bath room with a small towel which is provided in a changing room.
  3. Don't get into the bath tab before you have taken a complete shower.
  4. After you have showered and rinsed, then you can get into the bath tub.
  5. Relax in the hot water or hot spring 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. Sit on the small stools in front of the small mirrors and wash completely with a soap and shampoo placed near by.
  7. Dry off and dress. *some cosmetics, combs, brushes and hair driers are equipped in the changing room.
Japanese Bath (o-furo) Changing Room

After taking Japanese bath, probably you have some drinks at the restaurant or bar. When you are ready to go, return your locker key holder to the receprion desk and make a payment for green fees, restaurant charges and etc.

Almost every golf course in Japan require to wear soft spike shoes or spikeless golf shoes.

■Rental Clubs
Except for resort courses, a limited number of rental sets are available, and pre- reservation is recommended.

As you may know and fortunately to you, there is no custom of tipping in our country except for few cases. However, many of Japanese golfers give tips to the caddies when they enjoyed and satisfied with caddy's services. An average amount of tip to a caddy is 1,000yen (not per player).

■Credit Cards
Many of the golf courses in Japan accept VISA and MASTER, however a few courses accept AMEX and DINERS.

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